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Starting in 2016 - 2017, a new language structure came into effect that reinforces our strongly-held belief in sound language education from a very early age. This will include:

  • A minimum of 4 lessons per week in any language taught, from Kindergarten onwards.
  • Bilingualism in Elementary School and trilingualism in Secondary School so that students are fully proficient in at least 2 languages when leaving Primary School and in at least 3 languages when leaving grade 10.
  • Enhancement of mother tongue offerings. As a standard, English, Dutch, and German will be offered at mother tongue level in the Primary School. French will be added at mother tongue level in Secondary School. Any other mother tongue language classes will be offered on an extra cost basis on request and in consultation with parents.

  • Languages will be offered at various ability levels for each age group. Groupings will not span more than two grades. Standard beginners and intermediate language offerings will include:

English and Dutch in Elementary School from Starter Class (2.5 years old) onwards.

French will be added from grade 6 onwards. Spanish will be added at a beginner level from grade 11 onwards.

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