VIDEO | Grade 8 Musical Performance unit

October 23, 2020

Grade 8 is working hard on their Musical Performance unit. Please watch and listen to their fantastic practice session. The piece in the video is called “Tsokoshata” (Bad Monkey) arranged by Walt Hampton. It is a medium-hard piece with an infectious groove.


The skills students learn in these songs are difficult, but set the stage for further success and a more demanding repertoire. The students have mastered the structure of the song during their classroom practices. A fantastic result from just a few practice sessions!  

This unit is designed so as to be utilized in and relevant for multiple settings, with our priority at the moment on the Marimba Ensemble. The unit has students actually making music as quickly as possible and exploring the possibilities of sounds that can be created and techniques that can be applied/utilised with a particular instrument (marimbas, african drumming, pianos and drum kit). We are at the moment preparing two more musical pieces before students will move onto their own musical arrangements and compositions.