27 April 2020

Mr Fifield’s Grade 8 Science students have been exploring how sodium and chlorine bond with each other to create common salt. They were then challenged to create a video in […]

10 April 2020

Grade 5 students worked hard to put together a Migration Museum in their classrooms earlier this year.  Students researched why some people might move away from their countries of origin. […]

08 April 2020

Ms Urban’s Grade 7 I&S students are sharing poems they wrote for class. The students were instructed to write a descriptive poem about tropical rainforests. Students were asked to think […]

08 April 2020

Welcome to the first virtual Visual Arts diploma exhibition at AIS. Working under challenging circumstances, the art students of the class of 2020 have done a remarkable job finishing their work […]

07 April 2020

Ms Hartog’s Grade 7 science students worked collaboratively in small groups on an end of unit assessment through our online learning programme. The assignment was to make a video discussing […]