Real-World Situations in the STEMzone Labs | Diploma Programme

September 29, 2022

Grade 12 students are focused on hands-on learning in the new STEMzone labs. The Diploma Programme students are working on their Internal Assessments (IAs) in their chosen science. IAs are completed in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies. The IAs count as 24% of the final assessment of their DP course. 

These self-determined students are taking what they’ve learned practically and applying it to a real-world situation. For example, Maxine is investigating what the impact of lead nitrate concentration in water has on seed germination. Meanwhile, Lisa is researching alcohol and digestion. You can hear from them as they work in the STEMzone lab by watching the video below.



DP and MYP Science teacher Jordan Fifield said, “Everything nowadays is collaborative. So being able to work in the STEMzone with their colleagues will really prepare them for how science is run after they graduate from high school.”

In Physics, Aniket experimented with how fast a motor spins depending on how far magnets are kept from it. Harsall’s experiment was on terminal velocity. Matthias worked on an experiment with pendulums, specifically how the length and angle affect acceleration. 

In Biology, Emma investigated the effect of sulphuric acid on the rate of seed germination. Arthur looked into how the carbon dioxide concentration in water affects the rate of photosynthesis. Asyfa tested how the amount of fats in milk affects the rate of spoilage.


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