5 Questions to Mrs. Noels

May 21, 2018

Mrs. Noels worked was the AIS Librarian from 1975 until 2011. She is enjoying a busy retired life. 

What was your best experience at AIS?

As librarian and a “specialist” teacher, I got to know, or at least come into contact with every single student at school, from PS through Grade 12. Their parents and every faculty member passed through the library too. Not many can say that!

What is so special about the AIS education?

Ok, you can say the high educational standards or the expectations, but many schools have that. I think that really it’s the diversity of cultures that makes AIS special. And its modest size means that students mingle easily and often with each other.

Have you kept in touch with students and colleagues?

Of course, isn’t Facebook wonderful?

Did you enjoy Alumni Prom and International Day?

I have experienced International Day since its conception. What a great day that shows off our diversity and cultures!  Its developing emphasis on “reunion” and “alumni” has given it another focus. It was overwhelming to see so many former students, parents and colleagues this year. Hopefully, this will be repeated!

What advice would you give to our current AIS students?

Of course, I can say “study hard…it’s a competitive world out there”  or “read a lot ….to improve your vocabulary” or “stay abreast of the news….to become an aware citizen”.  But more: participate in activities at school, whether sports, plays, dances, trips. Get to know your fellow students in order to appreciate different cultures.