Children and young people are natural researchers: they are experts in exploring their world. The AIS STEM initiative builds on natural curiosity to engage students in hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experiences. It will foster creativity, innovation, critical thinking and the transformation of our community of learners into proficient STEM literates.


STEM Vision rests on three pillars: our Holistic Pedagogy based on the IB curriculum, Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities, and Academic & Industry liaisons. It is underpinned by a dedicated Interdisciplinary & Experiential learning STEM space, the new STEMzone. AIS has already embarked on several projects to make its STEM Vision a reality. The school’s inquiry and concept-based curriculum, which positions AIS as an International Baccalaureate World School, has been supplemented by current initiatives such as Robotics courses, Mathematics enrichment courses, Science fairs and visits from prominent scientists. In addition, we seek to further develop our connections with surrounding industries and academic institutions by forming relevant and sustainable links.

STEMzone will go beyond serving its own community. It will open up AIS further to all students in our region, adding to our successful ‘AIS Seeks Talent’ scholarship initiative, which is based on our vision for a diverse, intercultural community. AIS is thus firmly aligned with the ‘STEM framework’ for Flemish schools.

Within the framework of our STEM Vision we are committing to:

  • upgrading our STEM facilities to an Interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning STEM space – STEMzone,
  • increasing interest and excitement for STEM subjects,
  • actively encouraging STEM participation by girls,
  • providing early exposure to STEM for our youngest students,
  • providing students with hands-on STEM opportunities,
  • fostering students’ awareness of environmental challenges,
  • emphasising the development of creativity, innovation, analytical thinking and collaboration through STEM studies.