DP Visual Arts and Theatre Trip to London

October 28, 2017

This year, I went on the IB DP Visual Arts and Theatre trip to London. I take Art so I didn’t do the activities that the Theatre students did. We went to some of the galleries in London, looked at some institutions such as the Royal Institution of British Architects and the London Hackspace, and also went on a street art tour.

We were very lucky to be able to attend the Dalì and Duchamp exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. We were allowed to look at the exhibition before it was opened to the public, so we had the space to ourselves. The exhibition focused on how the two artists had worked together. It was really fortunate that we were able to take our time without the space being very busy.

One of the highlights of the trip was the street art tour around London. I liked it because it showed how diverse the art scene in London is compared to some of the exhibitions that we saw in the museums. It also gave us a feel for the city which was great. I thought it was a real eye-opener, because it proved that if you look around you can really see street art everywhere.

Personally, I found the trip excellent. Not only was it fun to walk around London and see what the city has to offer, it was also very informative and certainly gave me some further knowledge of the past and present art world, and also some inspiration for my own work for the class. It was great that the Art students also had the opportunity to go and see a play with the Theatre students. The trip was very varied, in that we saw all different kinds of art from many different periods in time. I would definitely recommend future art students to take part in this field trip. Also, a big thank-you from the art and theatre students to the supervisors for organising and coming on the trip with us!

From Hannah (Grade 11)

Day 1: Entering Tate Modern


Day 2: Mr. Laird with the DP Visual Arts students in the courtyard of the Royal Academy


Day 2: With our wonderful guide Graham at the Jasper Johns exhibition at the Royal Academy


Day 3: Two of the exhibitions the students visited at the National Gallery


Day 2: Chewing gum painting spotted on our Street Art tour of the Shoreditch district of East London


Day 4: Lion doors at the Royal Institute of British Architects