ArcGIS Online is coming to AIS

October 17, 2017

The Individuals and Societies department is delighted to have been given access to ArcGIS Online by Esri Belux. ArcGIS is a complete cloud-based mapping platform that is used by many well-known companies in order to meet their business needs through the science of geospatial analysis.

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a technology which was originally used in the academic world and by government agencies. Recently, it has emerged as a significant tool in the field of geography which uses the capabilities of ICT, bringing together databases with geolocated information (information which can be pinpointed on a map with longitude and latitude coordinates). This multi-layered information is visualised with maps, thanks to the digital mapping capacity of GIS. Today, GIS is everywhere and used daily by everyone. This is because we all rely on geolocated information provided by our mobile applications.

AIS geographers have already used the platform in several assignments and there are many more curriculum applications to come, including in STEM subjects.