10 February 2021

Grade 4 students sat down and put their library skills to the test at the ‘Dewey Cafe’ in the library as part of Lang & Lit Fest at AIS. The […]

05 February 2021

Step right up and see the amazing Grade 8 in an innovative learning space! The gymnasium. Students are perfecting their circus performance skills in Physical Health and Education class. In […]

18 December 2020

The MYP Personal Project Fair was virtual in 2020-2021 and it was yet another amazing exhibition of our students’ achievements. The Personal Project is an individual project students start working […]

18 December 2020

As we all pause for a well-deserved Winter Break, we wish you a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Season’s greetings and a Happy New Year!

04 December 2020

Christian is in Grade 11 at AIS and he has discovered a new passion: photography. The self-determined Dutch student shares with us how he found photography and how he became […]