Teachers and Students Thrive With Online Learning

March 24, 2020

AIS teachers and students are entering their second week of online learning and they are thriving. We proactively closed our campus due to the Covid-19 crisis on 13 March, ahead of Belgium’s order for all schools to close, although there were no cases of the virus at AIS. Online learning began several days later and the AIS community is extremely enthused about learning from home using technology.  Our faculty had a plan in place and was able to quickly get students into virtual classrooms. 

Secondary School students follow their normal schedules, albeit adjusted to the online environment. Teachers have created virtual classrooms and speak to their students as a class or in small groups. Students collaborate during the lessons and for certain assignments. 

In Primary School, classroom teachers have daily chats with their students, and specialist teachers meet with them once a week. Students follow a daily schedule, working on literacy, maths, Units of Inquiry, languages, music, art and physical education. Students collaborate with their teacher and classmates online. Taking photos of their work or recording videos are just a few examples of how students’ work is assessed. While students miss their friends and the classroom environment, they are very excited to be in the virtual classroom using new technologies. 

Parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are proud that ‘school is open’ and learning continues at AIS.