Storyteller in PreK and Kindergarten

October 09, 2017

Last week Kindergarten and PreK had a visit from Miss Marijke, a storyteller.  She told a wonderful tale about a group of animals who desperately tried to enchant a sick fruit tree to once again bear its delicious fruit.

The animals, including a hare, a lion, a tortoise and a deer, all chanted magical spells to the tree. The lion boasted that he was the king of the animals and would certainly succeed in the challenge. In the end, it was, surprisingly, the knowledge and wisdom from an old, wise tortoise that gave magical water to heal the sick tree. Delicious fruits were then grown again for all animals to feast on and enjoy.

The Storyteller certainly enchanted the children with this story.  She set the scene with a staged backdrop, using a range of mystical instruments such as a rainstick and Tibetan singing bowls.  The story was told in Dutch, and the students took part by answering questions about the animals in the magical tale.

Very beautifully told.

The next day the children reflected on the story.