Niels Jensen | 5 questions

December 19, 2017

Niels Jensen (class of 1991) has lived in 7 countries on 4 continents. He has worked for Shell Oil for 13 years now. After graduating from AIS, Niels studied at Whitman College in Washington State, after which he decided to move to Denmark to pursue a career in business. He currently holds a global position within the Fuel Card Payment Business. We asked Niels five questions.

Where are you from and when did you graduate from AIS?

I was born in Sydney, Australia and have lived in many countries over the years. My mom is American, and my Dad is Danish, so I am a mixed breed of Australian, American and Danish. I currently live in Copenhagen Denmark. I moved to Belgium with my parents in 1983, and graduated in 1991.

What was your best experience at AIS?

Undoubtedly getting great friends from very varied cultures and countries. There was, and still is, a very special Griffin spirit and togetherness at AIS amongst students, parents and teachers. Playing sports in Mr. Hammel’s gym every day was also my favorite time at AIS.

How did the AIS education help you in your career?

It helped broaden my horizon and prepare me for college life in the US – The International Baccalaureate that AIS offers was also a great forum to discover subjects that interested me and helped me decide what I wanted to eventually major in. I am sure the IB program and the school’s international sphere contributed to my ability to get accepted into every college I applied to.

Have you kept in touch with the school and your friends?

Yes, I am in touch with many former friends from AIS; mostly through Facebook, but I also see them face to face when the opportunity presents itself – thanks also to great events like AIS International Day and potential reunions.

What advice would you give to current AIS students?

Make sure you enjoy and promote the unique spirit at AIS with your friends, and don’t lose focus on the importance of your grades and how important they will eventually be once you graduate and potentially need to find a new college or school.