Grade 7 Science Fair | VIDEO

June 07, 2022

The annual AIS Grade 7 Science Fair was held in the STEMzone and formed the culmination of five months of individual investigations by the students. The Grade 7 students wowed the audience with their creative investigations and well-structured presentations and displays. 

In January the students selected a topic they wanted to investigate using the scientific method. As this was a long term project, all students selected something that would keep their interest for a long time; for example, a topic linked to a hobby or sport. Students worked against a project action plan to keep track of the project. The first step was investigating the background of the chosen topic (what is already known about it and how the topic can be investigated experimentally) to enable them to set the research question. The first significant milestone was at the end of February when the students handed in the design of their experiment.

The students then had two months to collect and organise the experimental data that would help them answer the research question. In May the students analysed their data, creating graphs, finding trends, drawing a conclusion and evaluating their method. In the final week and a half students focused on creating a visual display for the fair and prepared the presentation they wanted to deliver.

During the Science Fair project the Grade 7 students not only extended their Science knowledge and skills but also gained valuable experience in self-management and communication skills. These approaches to learning skills are applicable across all subjects and indispensable for successfully completing the Community Project in Grade 8.