Grade 1 and 2 Learn New Technology for Performance Unit

March 31, 2021

Grade 1 and 2 completed an innovative unit on performances that also taught students how to use new technology. Each student chose their favourite performance type. They were able to pick from the green screen, stop motion or scripted drama. Once they made their choices they were split into groups.



Experts met with the students to teach them about technology like video editing, stop motion animation and how to use the green screen technology. Students then wrote their scripts and put their performances together for a virtual assembly in which their parents joined online.

One group scripted and acted out a drama performance that was filmed in the theatre. The students in this group put their spin on the classic story “Chicken Little”. Two groups used stop-motion animation. One group made a video showing how a spider makes a web. The other group made a video of a rocket ship blasting off to the moon. Four groups used green screen technology for their performances. All of the students were quick to learn the new technology.