G11 | ESS Students Share Group Projects

April 07, 2020

Ms Hartog’s Grade 11 Environmental Systems and Societies class recently finished a group project through our online learning programme. Students collaborated in groups of four to create an infographic on the dynamic nature of a resource.

As part of the assignment, it was explained to students that, “Cultural, economic, technological and other factors influence the status (read value) of a resource over time and space; for example, uranium, due to recently becoming a valuable resource. What this all means is that resources are dynamic, their status may change, they might become valuable.” 

In groups of four, the students had to select a resource and investigate how its value changed over time and space. This included trying to predict the future.

The resources the students chose are: fossil fuels, lithium, gold and pearls. Click on the images below to see each group’s final project.

Fossil Fuels