COVID-19 Update | Grades 9-12 on 50% rotation from 16 November

November 09, 2020

As mandated by Belgian authorities, from Monday 16 November students in Grades 9 – 12 will only be able to return to Antwerp International School in a 50% rotation. The best way for us to manage this is by having whole grades either in school or online, rather than splitting each class in two.

Week beginning Monday, 16 November (A): Grades 11 + 12 in school; Grades 9 + 10 online
Week beginning Monday, 23 November (B): Grades 9 + 10 in school; Grades 11 + 12 online

We need to await further information to learn if the 50% reduction will extend beyond the start of December. If it does, we will need to move to a two week rotation, as DP students have some blocks that only exist in B week and it is only fair that these can also be taught in school.

DP students come to school together, so there is no impact on combined language classes.

Grade 8 and 9 also have combined language classes. Most teachers will deliver their lessons with Grade 8 students in class and Grade 9 online in the week that Grade 9 students are at home. In a few cases the teacher prefers to teach the whole class online. We will contact individual families if that is the case.