AIS Student to Study Biomedical Engineering at Valparaiso Honors College

May 10, 2022

Makayla is a member of the Class of 2022 and is getting ready for a big move. She is moving back to the United States to study Biomedical Engineering at Valparaiso University in Indiana where they have asked her to be a part of their Honors College.  

Makayla joined Antwerp International School in Grade 10. She says the AIS community made her feel right at home. “It’s a warm, friendly, inviting environment. The school understands what it’s like to move. It’s an international community, you can find home anywhere,” Makayla said. 

Her previous school was a large, American public school and she appreciates the small class sizes at AIS. Makayla likes to learn about science, but she could never decide between biology and engineering. She had a lightbulb moment when she was looking at universities. “One college was like, ‘You should try Bioengineering’. I thought that’s amazing because those are two of my favorite things combined into one,” Makayla explained.

She’s proud to be attending Valparaiso, well-regarded for its Engineering programme, but admits she will miss AIS. She has spent hours upon hours in the STEMzone’s Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs, not to mention the common, collaborative learning areas. 

“I really like the STEMzone because it’s an extended classroom. It’s a cohesive area for everyone to do collaborative projects or to study alone. To just work how you want to work without being isolated in a classroom,” Makayla said. “The STEMzone facilities, the new labs and everything are just so innovative. The windows and the natural light that you get in there are just great. It’s a very innovative space. It’s creative and most people don’t think of the sciences being creative but when I get in the lab, it’s about as creative as the art room.”

Makayla is just wrapping up her final exams at AIS. After Graduation, she will move to Indiana over the summer and begin classes at Valparaiso University the last week of August.


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