5 questions to Mrs. Helness

May 23, 2018

Mrs. Helness started teaching at AIS in August 2000, but had been a substitute teacher for several years before that. Because her own children attended the school she was an active member of the community; room mother, party organiser (Easter Egg Hunts and Treasure Hunts being particular favourites), International day participant (does anyone remember that Oil Rig or The Troll?), swim lesson chaperone and a chaperone on various trips.

Her plans for retirement are to travel more, spend more time with family and friends, particularly with their new grand-daughter, gardening, walking, sewing, and maybe one day be able to have a proper conversation in French.

What was your best experience at AIS?

It is very difficult to say what my best experience at AIS has been as there have been so many, but perhaps when my students succeed provides the most satisfaction. I am fortunate to work with young people and do actually really enjoy my job. I’m going to miss it.

What is so special about the education at AIS?

I believe students at AIS are lucky. We are a small, friendly, school, set in green, leafy grounds, and we provide many excellent opportunities for students to develop and excel in their chosen areas, whether this is in their favourite academic subjects or in the many sports and arts programmes.

Have you kept in touch with students and colleagues?

I have some contact with past students and colleagues, though perhaps not as much as I’d like or have time for. I love to hear what they are all getting up to.

Did you enjoy Alumni Prom and International Day?

Yes, Alumni Prom and International Day were a lot of fun. That so many past students and faculty turned up must mean that they have good memories of their time at AIS. I lost count of the number of well mannered young persons who came up to say hello. It was so good to see them and hear about what they were doing now. It was good to see so many of their parents too.

What advice would you give to our current AIS students?

My advice to AIS students is the same it has always been. Do your best. Life is what you make it.