Bloody Snow

Winner of the Winter Creative Writing competition.

Pats the hard casing
Following narrow path
Through the unstoppable
Relentless, Machine.

A coat of green,
Like leaves from trees Bitter Winter feasted upon.
A bleached white line
Like mirror, to the unforgiving time.
A sea of red,
For what was yet to come

Determined as some
Terrified as most, He was
reminiscing joyful past
While expecting grim future
Now certain, this was the end

Made one last amend.
Grip, tight on his pendant,
Now Heavy as steel. Yet only his arms were made of that.
Pleaded God, save his forsaken brother
Terror, conceded his last tear

Eagle-eyed he saw, nothing sherr
Of what he’d been taught to hate.
The Machine advanced, persistent like none
Through the unforgiving frost,

A loud echo, another soul was lost.
Peckers of wood, and Sparrows alike
Wanderers of hollow forests, cried
For pure white coat,
Tainted Crimson. Red
Lake, carried the empty case
Fallen to Earth, defeated

All along, everywhere, repeated.
At last his unholy curse lifted,
He rested lying, upon the pure, pale

by Leo, Grade 11