autumn -
a true story

This narrative is based on a true story. It is written by a member of the Creative Writing Team, unchanged by teachers.

I laughed as I fell back into the leaf pile my cousins and I had just finished raking. We had spent at least three hours in the cold, biting wind. We had raked up the entire yard into one massive collage of greens, yellows, oranges and reds. There were so many colors in that leaf pile, I was pretty sure half of the colors didn’t even have a name. I lay on my back and watched the leaves swirl up over my head, being carried away by the wind. I looked up, expecting to see the bright, blue autumn sky peeking through the branches of the treetops overhead, covered by scattered leaves of pale oranges, pinks and reds. Instead I saw the rosy face of my younger cousin, from up on the top of the swingset. I smiled. I adored her probably just as much as she adored me. I wouldn’t say she was my favorite cousin though. Like every seven year old, she had good moments and bad moments. Luckily for us she had more good than bad. She jumped down from the swingset, landing roughly beside me and rolling to the side in the leaf pile. More leaves danced through the rough breeze, swirling in the air from her disproportioned landing. I laughed again. Suddenly I heard another voice. This voice was not carried by the wind, but carried itself through the air.


I was almost convinced that my other cousin’s voice could wake up a rock if he really tried. He joined us in the leaf pile, his bright blond hair contrasting starkly against the brown, dying leaves. He was three years younger than me, but growing quickly. Just last year he had been below my shoulders in height, but now he was taller than my shoulders, almost as tall as me. He had a wiry frame, it was like someone had taken a coat hanger and bent it into the shape of a person. He rolled over next to me and pushed me off the mountain of leaves. I smiled and I rolled not so gracefully off and stood up. Right before I was about to show him who’s boss, my sister came up behind me and tackled me back into the pile. We rolled around, each trying to best the other with my cousins watching delightedly, each cheering for someone. Then, suddenly, my sister cried out in pain. I thought I had hurt her for a second but when she stood up, I felt relief wash over me. Then curiosity. Why did she stop? Did she find something?

I twisted around and stood up, trying to catch my breath. My sister and cousins were all brushing leaves off the pile and gawking at what appeared to be the corner of a wooden box.

“What do you think it is?” my sister asked, glancing at me quickly and then returning her gaze to the mystery box.

“I don’t know” I replied without looking away from the box. “Maybe it’s treasure” I said, this time looking excitedly at both of my cousins. “Let’s go get some shovels and start digging, yeah?

They looked thrilled. We took off to the garage to look for shovels and when we came back, the wind had dispersed our leaf pile all over the yard. But we didn’t care. We hardly noticed, looking only at the box and dreaming of what was inside. By this time we were all  so excited we could hardly wait. Both my cousins and I were bouncing up and down on our toes, anxious and ready to dig. We dug up the mystery box, the smell of fresh dirt permeating the air around us. Finally, when we had dug all around it we each grabbed a corner and lifted it up.

by Makayla, Grade 10