Grade 7 Science Fair

Welcome to the 2021 virtual Science Fair!

This year, 26 amazing Grade 7 students worked diligently over a period of six months to develop a science project. During the first phase of this activity, students explored topics of their interest and came up with specific research questions. More research was then carried out to devise a suitable method to answer their question experimentally. They then conducted a series of preliminary experiments to test their methods and adjusted them accordingly. 

Throughout March and April, students independently carried out their experiments and began organising and processing the data collected. They analysed their results to see if these supported their initial prediction, and used their findings to write a conclusion. Due to COVID measures, we were unable to hold a fair at school, but we are still very happy to present the following videos where each student guides you through his or her project.

The Science Fair was an opportunity to teach Grade 7 how to use the Scientific Method to answer questions. This was the first time in Secondary School where they have independently devised and conducted an experiment. The process was challenging, but will be tremendously helpful for all the future laboratory work they will complete in the coming years. 

I would like to thank all the Grade 7 students for their consistent efforts and perseverance, and all the parents who supported them at home to successfully complete their projects.

Thomas | How does the amount of yeast affect how high the bread rises?

Mia D | How does the acidity of the solution affect the time for the eggshells to dissolve?

Alexia | What is the effect of different colors of text on memory and which color makes retaining information easier for the human brain?

Naomi | How does the mass of sugar affect the final length/diameter of the Snickerdoodle cookies?

Nikhil | What liquid can keep an apple from oxidizing too quickly? What qualities do these liquids have that will help?

Aarushi | How does water density affect its mixing ability?

Rani | Which sugary drinks including Coca Cola, Redbull, apple juice, or Aquarius have the greatest effect on tooth enamel in terms of erosion and staining?

Sophie | How fast does the amount of egg shell dissolve in different concentrations of vinegar ?

Nati | How does music affect your memory?

Arhaan | How does the volume of dish soap added to the solution affect the height of foam produced when making elephant toothpaste?

Nayan | How does the mass of salt affect how fast bolts rust?

Matti | How do different temperatures affect the state the banana is in after 10 Days?

Lorelei | How does increasing my fitness affect my resting heart rate?

Andrea | How does the temperature change the hardness of the clay

Piyush | How does the temperature of water given to the plant affect its growth?

Shayna | What is the effect of adding different solutes on the melting point of water (ice).

Cappy | How does the shape of a parachute affect its descent?

Mia S | How does the way the bridge is built affect the total mass it can hold?

Grace | How does the temperature of the solution affect the growth of the salt crystals?

Tess | Which hand-washing product gets rid of the most bacteria?

Sora | How does cheese type affect the growth speed of mold?

Eloïse | What fabric absorbs the most water?

Milla | What is the effect of different fabrics on the speed of combustion?

Isabella | How is the mass of different fabrics affected by water absorption?

Fré | What is the effect of light on the growth of basil?

Julia | How does the brand of shopping bag affect how much weight it will hold?