28 January 2022

From Columbus to Dias to da Gama to Magellan, Grade 3 students are building up their research techniques by inquiring into past explorers.   The self-determined Primary Years Programme students just […]

19 January 2022

AIS is proud that our self-determined students are featured on the Pioneering Schools website. Follow this link to see how they are covering Grade 10’s self-directed learning. Pioneering Schools covers […]

17 January 2022

Meet Himanshu. This self-determined Diploma Programme student at Antwerp International School just received a conditional offer to attend the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Himanshu […]

13 January 2022

Grade 9 students have a better understanding of how World War I began, thanks to a hands-on and engaging assignment in their History class.   The students were split into […]

10 January 2022

Meet Poppy. This self-determined Grade 12 student is serious about art. The Belgian-French student joined Antwerp International School in Grade 7. Poppy shared some of her favorite artwork with us […]