05 March 2020

AIS Wordcraft is a student-initiated publication of AIS creativity with words. The selected contributions are written by students for students. Wordcraft supports, promotes, and showcases creative writing, providing a snapshot […]

27 January 2020

Our Grade 10 Language Acquisition students took a trip into Antwerp to find out about sustainable shopping in the city. You can read their special post about it by clicking […]

07 December 2019

AIS Wordcraft is a regular publication of Creativity with WORDS, published by the AIS Creative Writing Team. It is a short and entertaining read of selected contributions, written by students […]

29 October 2019

With a passion for the news and being informed about current affairs, Sofia’s Personal Project is focused on publishing articles to make sure that the AIS community is keeping up with […]

12 June 2019

The Creative Writing Elective enables students to develop their writing skills in any form that appeals to them. At the start of the elective, the student decides what sort of […]