13 May 2021

Grade 4 students are always eager to complete the student-led TED Talk presentations assigned to them. The TED Talks are a project that started a few years ago. Grade 4 […]

19 April 2021

The Class of 2021 proudly presents the Visual Arts IB Diploma Exhibition. The video showcases a selection of each student’s work, including paintings, graphic art, photography and mixed-media pieces. Enjoy […]

31 March 2021

Grade 1 and 2 completed an innovative unit on performances that also taught students how to use new technology. Each student chose their favourite performance type. They were able to […]

19 March 2021

Grade 5’s unit on innovation is an exploration of physical science, including Newton’s laws of motion. It’s a unit where Primary Years Programme (PYP) students learn about two innovators from […]

03 March 2021

Through music and visual arts, Grade 5 students explored how to use elements and principles of music and art in a collaborative new unit. Students composed their own music in […]