23 September 2020

Early Years is cooking up something special in their brand new outdoor ‘Mud Kitchen’. While the students make mud pies and other dirty delicacies, their teachers watch and smile because […]

20 June 2020

This is creative work done by Ms McCulloch’s Grade 10 English students. From examining poetry in pop songs to reviewing movies, enjoy! Hendrik: My project is analysing poetry in pop […]

27 May 2020

Welcome to the Grade 7 Science Fair! Students have been hard at work since January researching topics like bath bombs, baseball bats and bioplastics. The venue is virtual this year […]

27 April 2020

Mr Fifield’s Grade 8 Science students have been exploring how sodium and chlorine bond with each other to create common salt. They were then challenged to create a video in […]

10 April 2020

Grade 5 students worked hard to put together a Migration Museum in their classrooms earlier this year.  Students researched why some people might move away from their countries of origin. […]