The approved building design will see the execution of the plan in two phases. The first phase will deliver fully functional STEM spaces, our STEMzone and is budgeted at €2.6 million. The second phase will finish the Old Gym extension at a later stage and will be financed from the school resources.

As of March 2019, we have secured €2,150,000 in financing from school reserves, loans and private and corporate donations. We are still seeking support for the remaining 17% of the project or €450,000. Since we do not receive any governmental funding, we need to rely on the support of our community. We wish to thank all of our donors, not only for their generous contributions but also for their support and input into the project.

If you wish to support the project, please get in touch.

These are the areas where we would invest your donation.

We thank our donors for their support.




All donations and support are greatly appreciated and much needed to accomplish this project. AIS will not associate names with gift amounts, but will acknowledge the donors at three different levels; STEM Donor, STEM Lead Donor and STEM Partner. Donors can also, if they wish, opt out of the recognition plan and stay anonymous.

STEM Donor
All donors contributing up to € 5,000 will be acknowledged as ‘STEM Donors’ and as such listed in the AIS Annual Report. In addition, all STEM Donors contributing from €1,000 will be recognized on the STEM Donor Wall within STEMzone facilities, for the lifetime of the school.

STEM Lead Donor
All donors contributing from € 5,000 to € 50,000 will be acknowledged as ‘STEM Lead Donors’ in the AIS Annual Report, on the AIS website and on the STEM Donor Wall within STEMzone facilities, for the life time of the school. Corporate Lead Donors will be represented with their corporate logos. Lead Donors may state their preferences towards sponsoring Individual STEMzone Elements.

STEM Partner
All donors contributing from € 50,000 will be acknowledged as ‘STEM Partners’ in the AIS Annual Report, on the AIS website and on the STEM Donor Wall within STEMzone facilities, for the life time of the school. Corporate STEM Partners will be represented with their corporate logos. STEM Partners may state their preferences towards sponsoring Individual STEMzone Elements. AIS will explore with STEM Partners possibilities of creating relevant industry links with Partners’ industries, that will, in line with Partners’ corporate social responsibility programs, enrich AIS STEM offering.

Facility Naming Possibilities
AIS will be happy to discuss facility naming possibilities for donations starting from € 100,000.

Why does AIS need support?
AIS is a non-profit organization that does not receive any governmental support. As such it must carefully manage its resources to provide a world class education, while at the same time generating reserves that can be reinvested into its facilities.
School fees alone are not sufficient to pay in full for major facility upgrades, especially if such facilities incorporate fast, ever-changing technology. AIS has to rely on donations to build the STEMzone.

How is this project relevant to donors?
We believe that donors will recognize our efforts to raise interest in STEM among our students that will ultimately better prepare them for the world beyond graduation. We also believe that our donors cherish the corner stones of our STEM initiative:

  • Excite interest and strengthen STEM skills
  • Encourage Creativity, Innovation & Analytical thinking
  • Raise awareness about Sustainability challenges
  • Promote social, economic and gender Diversity

In addition, our Corporate Donors will be able to:

  • Demonstrate support for the local community
  • More easily attract international talent, people that appreciate the presence of a school with strong STEM capabilities

Are there any specific fundraising items and can I donate against a specific item?
Lead donors and STEM Partners will be able to support an Individual STEM Element if they wish.

Can I donate in-kind?
Yes, we would appreciate donations in-kind.

How are donations and proceeds from fundraising events going to be used?
All donations and proceeds from 50th Anniversary events will go directly towards the STEMzone construction. They will not be used to cover any costs of the fundraising or events. All fundraising and events costs will be borne by AIS.

Where is the new STEMzone going to be?
The STEMzone will occupy the 400 building area, specifically its South entrance and ground floor next to the Bistro and Old Gym, and the first floor directly above it.

Who will be able to use the facilities?
Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Can I donate in installments?
Yes. We welcome installment payments with a total pledge amount and installment dates committed in advance.

What if the fundraising target is not achieved?
The project is divided into 3 zones. If the financial target is not achieved, not all 3 zones will be refurbished. The area and extent which will be developed depends on the total amount raised, the school’s needs and donors’ preferences.
If the full amount for a specific item is not raised, the school cannot guarantee the implementation of that item and will work with donors to identify the best alternative.

Can I get a tax credit for my donation?
Belgian tax payers will not be able to deduct donations in their tax return.
US tax payers can achieve tax deductions when donations are made via the AIS US Foundation.

Is the size of my donation going to be made public?
No, the school will not associate names with gift amounts and all donors will be acknowledged according to the Donor Recognition Plan. All our donors will be publicly acknowledged if they desire, while the wishes of donors who prefer to stay anonymous will be strictly respected.