ISTA Middle School Drama Festival

22 November 2018

From 22 to 25 November, AIS will host our first ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) Middle School Drama Festival. This will be a huge event, involving students from our school and other international schools across Europe and the Middle East.

On Thursday, 22 November 2018, five international theatre artists and over ninety visiting middle school students will arrive at AIS in order to spend three days making friends, being creative and learning together. Over a series of workshops, educational visits, master class experiences and social events, the students will work collaboratively to create a show, performed on Sunday, 25 November. Students will work in small groups or ensembles, each with a dedicated ensemble leader and experienced theatre professional.

This event will be produced in association with ISTA. With over forty years experience working with international schools, ISTA is the leading global organization in this field. More information about ISTA can be found at