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Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS)

Life is more than just academic studies. All students need a counterbalance to the demands of academic success. Within the IB philosophy, international education must go beyond the provision of knowledge alone and include the development of attitudes and values, which transcend barriers of race, class, religion, gender or politics. This is where CAS comes in.

Students are encouraged to take part in many activities, both in and outside of school. They participate in theatre and musical productions, sports - both as individuals and within teams - and community service activities.

Students will be required to engage in a program involving creativity, activity and service, three to four hours a week.

  • Creativity should be interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover the widest range of arts and other activities and to include creativity by the student in designing and carrying out the service project.
  • Activity may include physical activities, both team and individual, and also training for service.
  • Service is non-remunerative work in a community, preferably outside the school, which promotes goodwill and international understanding in the spirit of the IB philosophy.

Students’ planning and performing will be monitored by the school’s CAS Coordinator. Each student will be required to keep notes in a journal format, including evidence of their planning, involvement, and self-evaluation. A typical CAS programme takes about one afternoon per school week.

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