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Grade Placements and Admission Forms

Grade Placement

When placing a student into the correct grade, consideration is given to age and the child's previous academic history, as well as to their physical and emotional maturity. Children requiring additional learning support may be accepted if it is agreed that AIS can accommodate their needs.

When considering a child's age, the cut-off for each grade is October 1st.

Starter Class - students to be 2 1/2 and toilet-trained

Pre-school - students to be 3

Pre-Kindergarten - students to be 4

Kindergarten - students to be 5

Grade 1- Students to be 6

Grade 2 - Students to be 7

Grade 3- Students to be 8

Grade 4 - Students to be 9

Grade 5 - Students to be 10

Grade 6* - Students to be 11

Grade 7*- Students to be 12

Grade 8* - Students to be 13

Grade 9* - Students to be 14

Grade 10* - Students to be 15

Grade 11* - Students to be 16

Grade 12*- Students to be 17

* Academic preparation and academic standards may be taken into consideration in any final grade placement decision for students applying from Grade 6 through Grade 12.

General Forms - One Per Family

General Forms - One per Family

Click here to download the General Forms

Please complete form (one per family) and send it, along with the appropriate grade level admissions forms to the Admissions Office.

Upon submission of these forms, a € 1,000 (per family) non-refundable deposit is required. Bank transfer information can be found in the packet.

Early Years

Primary School (Grades 1-5)

Secondary School (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Secondary School (Grades 9, 10)

Secondary School (Grades 9, 10)

Please complete the following forms for Grades 9, 10.

Once all material has been completed, please email all forms back to the Admissions Office.

Secondary School (Grades 11, 12)

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