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How long is the school day?

Classes start at 8:25 and finish at 15:30.

PreSchool half day students finish at 13:00.

What curriculum does AIS offer?

AIS is an IB World School, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program in Grades 11 and 12. The school also offers the Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the IB.

What grade will my child be placed in?

Candidates for admission to AIS will be placed at the most appropriate level based on age, ability and school history (typically following the same grade they have been in, if English, math and social competences are developed adequately for the grade). Once you have provided the admissions office with all the required documents the admissions director will confirm the grade placement to you.

Note: The AIS school year starts in August and finishes in June. Students coming from schools which start in Jan/Feb (e.g. New Zealand, Australia.) or April (e.g. Japan and many other Asian countries) are usually placed in the same grade they have just completed so as to prepare them for the rigorous program offered by AIS (they are not advanced half a year). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the school on a case by case basis for exceptional circumstances warranting the grade advancement.

How will my child/ren commute to AIS and home?

Many students use our school bus service, others use public transportation (bus or train), some bike or walk to school and some parents drive their children to school or car pool. Please note parking in front of the school is limited, so please leave adequate time to drop children off. Parents who need to come into to school should park further along the street.

Does AIS maintain waiting lists?

Yes, when necessary. As an international school, AIS has a continuous turnover of students, this means that at the time you apply, our classes could possibly be full in which case we will open a waiting list for the respective grade level concerned.

Are grants and scholarships available?

Yes. AIS has a set budget to offer limited financial aid grants and scholarships to families who qualify. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

ls the Application Fee refundable?

The Application Fee is non-refundable as this fee (one fee/family) covers the administrative costs of the application process and any necessary assessments.

Does a candidate for admission at AIS have to sit any entry exams?

No. After you have completed all required documentation and forwarded these to the Admissions Office these will be reviewed by the Admissions team. If necessary, an appointment will be made with you to have your child(ren) assessed:

• All applicants will be required to provide writing samples (Primary and Secondary School) as part of the Admissions Process

• A non-verbal reasoning assessment may be required

• Applicants for Secondary School will be invited in to sit Math and English level assessment, and Non-English speakers may be required to sit an additional EAL (English as an Additional Language) assessment

Does a candidate for admission at AIS needs any medical examinations?

When you apply to AIS, the Admissions Office will provide you with a Health Record form which needs to be completed as part of the Admissions Procedure. This Health Record document is a medical form which needs to be signed by the parents (and includes a request for a copy of immunization record as an attachment).

Does my child have to join AIS on a specific date? When will be the first day of school for a new student?

Starting dates are suggested by the school to fit in with assessment periods and the family’s desired starting dates. AIS has a rolling admissions system, so can generally accept students throughout the school year (although there can be implications for program eligibility in the upper HS grades). After all required documents have been submitted and assessments completed, the application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Should the Admissions Committee approve the enrolment, a starting day will be suggested and confirmed in the Letter of Acceptance. Teachers need adequate notice to prepare for a new student starting in their class, so this process can take up to a week.

How will my non-English-speaking child manage in an English-language school?

AIS provides a comprehensive English as a Additional Language (EAL) program from Grade 1 through Grade 10 via the EAL Department. Many children do not speak English at grade level when they first arrive at AIS and teachers are trained in helping them adjust to their new environment. In addition, AIS has an established buddy-system, whereby an incoming family is put into contact with a current AIS family with children in the same grade/s, and who speaks the same language. This is a tremendous help with the settling-in process.

My child has specific learning needs. What program is AIS able to offer?

AIS has a Learning Support department and is able to provide additional support to enable students with minor special needs to engage fully in the mainstream program. We are only able to admit students who will benefit from the limited support we are able to offer, and regrettably may not be able to provide support for students with severe learning difficulties.

Does AIS offer a lunch program ?

Yes. Students can chose a vegetarian or non-vegetarian hot lunch option or sandwiches every day. Students and parents can purchase lunch cards from the reception. The Bistro staff prepares all meals and sandwich options fresh daily. The Bistro posts the weekly menu and they make every effort to provide a healthy variety of tasty food for the students.

Does AIS offer after school activities?

The PTO organizes an after-school program for Primary School students called After School Adventure, which is open to all Primary School students between Pre-School and G5 on a first-come first-serve basis. The After School Adventures activities are presented to the community at the annual Kick-Off event, traditionally held early September. Signing up for these can happen at that time as well.

AIS offers a comprehensive Sports Program for students from G5 (11 years) through G12), with students being invited to try out for sports teams during the various seasons. The seasons usually culminate in a tournament that can take students to various countries within Europe as part of our NECIS Activities conference membership.

AIS also offers many opportunities for students interested in the Arts, with a variety of school plays, art exhibitions, and music events offered each year.

Can students who graduate from AIS attend Benelux universities?

Graduates of AIS who would like to join Benelux universities immediately after graduating from Grade 12 must be successful in obtaining the IB Diploma. Those graduates who have chosen to pursue the High School Diploma may be asked to sit entrance exams. Please research your specific country on the IB website www.ib.org or request more information from via the Admissions Office.

Security and Safety at AIS

AIS has a closed campus, with all access gates locked after students have entered at 8:30am. Security cameras are located around the school at strategic points, and monitored in the reception. All visitors are admitted via an inter-com at the gate, and must report to the reception at the Kasteel. Upon registering, visitors are issued a visitor's badge which the visitor returns to the receptionist when checking out. AIS community members are provided a badge which can be presented to the receptionist when entering the reception. Teachers and staff enter the premises with their individual security codes.

Does AIS have a Parent Teacher Organization?

Yes, the school has a very active and supportive PTO.

Does AIS have OPEN DAYS?

Throughout the school year AIS will organizes a number of Open Days.

Is the Admissions office open during the summer?

The Admissions office is open throughout the summer. The team can be reached via telephone on +32 (0)3 543.93.26 or via email on admissions@ais-antwerp.be

Recent AIS News

To blog or not to blog? Grade 11 knows the answer.

Mr. Carlier's Grade 11 IBDP students have been learning about the historical and academic contexts of blogging in their English lessons. As a final project, they created their own blogs, which are really enjoyable to read! The students experimented with all the features available on Wordpress. Click below to read some of their work.

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Meet AIS' Botball Boys

Seven Secondary School students went to the Botball Competition in Sofia last month. The Botball Educational Robotics Program engages students in a team-oriented robotics competition and exposes them to an inquiry-based, learn-by-doing activity that appeals to their hearts as well as their minds.(*)

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The "math"gicians of AIS!

Last week Jake, Aman and Tanisha from grade 6 took part in the Annual Math Quest, organised by the International School of Geneva (Ecolint). For three days, they immersed themselves in a competition that involved 28 schools, mostly from Europe, but also from the USA, Oman and Qatar. The team of three AIS students was supplemented by a fourth student from Ecolint. They all worked hard on both individual and team tasks. They also went to visit CERN where they had to solve problems as part of the traditional Math Trail. The team collaborated really well and ended up as the 8th best team! A result they can all be proud of!

Here is a reflection from the students themselves:

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