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AIS Seeks Talent

AIS Seeks Talent is an initiative that will enable talented students from Antwerp’s local and international communities to benefit from our intercultural, holistic education, even if their families cannot raise the usual school fees. The scholarship program is open to new and existing students.

The school will admit a maximum of 50 students in total to AIS Seeks Talent. Below is more information on who the program is for and how to apply.

How will the Scholarship Program affect the short and long term future of our school?

AIS is dedicated to enhance the dynamic and intercultural learning environment that exemplifies AIS. Scholarship students will be distributed across all age groups and classes and continue to enrich the school’s intellectual and academic capacities. The program will have no financial impact on school fees.

Who can apply for a Scholarship?

Both prospective and current students of AIS can apply. The program is open to students from Kindergarten (age 5) to Grade 12 (age 17). Applications must be from individual families, NOT groups, corporate fee paying clients, organizations or missions.

Who qualifies for a Scholarship?

Students are assessed on the basis of Academic Achievement and Approaches to Learning, and Need:

  1. Academic Achievement and Approaches to Learning:
  • Academic Achievement: Applicants must provide evidence of good levels of academic achievement, or academic promise in the case of Elementary School applicants. Students who show a particular talent for and dedication to a single academic, sport or art related field may also be given special consideration.
  • Approaches to Learning:
    1. Behavior, Social Contribution and Motivation: Applicants must provide evidence of good behavior and a positive contribution to the social climate of the school/community. A letter of motivation forms part of the application.
    2. Attendance: Applicants must provide evidence of consistent school attendance.
    3. Family Contribution to the school community: Parents of applicants must be able to demonstrate active interest in the school or positive contribution to the life of their previous school community.
  1. Need:
  • Participation in the Scholarship Program is intended to help families with evident financial need. A Scholarship is for students whose family cannot obtain alternative financial support, or any other form of educational support from their employer, the state or another party.
  • Need in the context of the Scholarship Program must be proven through submission of an application that provides detailed information of the family’s financial situation.

What does the Scholarship provide?

Eligible students can expect a reduction in school fees, which will usually range between 20% and 60%. In exceptional cases this reduction could reach 85%.

How to apply?

Please contact our Head of Admissions Romy De Keulenaer for an application form or more information: rdekeulenaer@ais-antwerp.be

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